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We are a Garry's Mod server running the Cinema gamemode.

What makes our server great?

No Player Ranks No-one get fancy [VIP] name tags and exclusive permissions just for donating to our server. Everyone's name is the same color, even staff. You won't be talked down to just for being new.
Bare-Minimal Rules Our rules are practically non-existant. Most players can act with total impunity. Kicks and bans are extremely rare, and our staff is very down-to-earth.
Custom-built Server
Unlike many Garry's Mod servers, we won't overload you with gigabytes of addons when you connect. We respect your right to have a decent framerate while playing. All of the code on our server is designed with speed as a top priority.
Fun Stuff There's lots of fun stuff to do outside of the theaters. Start a game of chess, golf, dodgeball or skeeball. Or save up your pointshop points, pick up some weapons, and start a war!

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